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Foster a cat for us

Our wait list to take in kitties is HUGE and we are in need of more foster homes.

We do pay all vet fees for our foster parents.

All we ask is that you give them food and a loving environment while they wait for their fur-ever home!

You can support us by fostering a cat in your home.

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Why adopt a Maine Coon or Maine Coon Mix ?

If you know anything about Maine Coons, you know that they are very social and thrive in a warm and friendly environment with human entertainment and companionship.

Arizona Maine Coon Cat Rescue does not have a dedicated shelter for our adoptable cats. Instead, we place them in foster homes while they’re waiting to be selected by that ‘special someone’ to give them a fur-ever home.

Our waiting list is often long only because we don’t have enough cat-friendly foster homes to temporarily take in those needing new homes to our rescue.

While you foster for us, you can rest assured that vet and medication costs are covered.

Won’t you consider fostering for us today ?

Simply complete our online foster application to get started today.

Alternatively, call Joy at 480-666-5501 or email us at for more information and simply complete and return our foster agreement.

Thank You To Our Wonderful Partner 

AZMCCR is very fortunate to have the support of Paws Veterinary Clinic, our veterinary partner since 2009, located in Mesa.

PAWS Clinic

Visit their website

We want to express our deep appreciation for their willingness to fully examine any Maine Coon being surrendered to us. They help us assure that our cats are tested, vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and in good health before we post them for adoption.