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Looking to adopt?

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We place all the details of our cats that are looking for a new home on PetFinder. Take a look at the cats we have available there.

If you prefer, let us know the kind of kitty you're looking for - we'll be happy to help.

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You can get things rolling easily. Send us your adoption request using our online application form.

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As a non-profit, we rely on the generosity of individuals like you. All of our cats are tested and vetted before we post them for adoption. We ask for a donation that partially defrays our vet costs. You'll find our adoption fee details in our adoption agreement.


looking for support

Looking for help and support?

I'm having some issues with my cat

Whether you are looking for a few tips on introducing cats to other pets or looking for advice on litter - take a look at our advice pages.

I'm finding it difficult to keep my cat

Surrendering your cat may not be necessary. There may be some ways that could mean you can keep your cat. Fill in our online surrender form and we can contact you.

I want my cat looked after when I die

Recently we've been asked, "What will happen to my beloved cats when we are no longer here to care for them? How can we provide for their continued well-being and safety?" Not everyone has family and friends that can assume responsibility for your dear companion.

Arizona Maine Coon Cat Rescue can provide peace of mind in this regard. Pre-arrangement is simple:
When you prepare or update your family trust, will, estate plan, or other legal documents, include instructions regarding your wishes along with our contact information.
Upon notification, we will arrange for your Maine Coon cat or cats to be placed in a foster home to be cared for with love and tenderness while more permanent arrangements for a perfect new home can be made.


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See our fun merchandise – all with a Maine Coon feel.

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A few hours can help more than you know.

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Help cover costs and other expenses while the kitties wait for a fur-ever home.

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Take care of a cat while we look for its forever home.

Thank You To Our Wonderful Partner 

AZMCCR is very fortunate to have the support of Paws Veterinary Clinic, our veterinary partner since 2009, located in Mesa.

PAWS Clinic

Visit their website


We want to express our deep appreciation for their willingness to fully examine any Maine Coon being surrendered to us. They help us assure that our cats are tested, vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and in good health before we post them for adoption.